Biological Eco Technology Company - Betco

Biological Eco Technological Company (BETCO) is a leading provider of US produced environmental products that have been used daily by businesses, farms, and municipalities across the United States the past 34 years as well as 70+ countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

BETCO’s products address various soil and water utilization, productivity, and management issues of all types of agricultural, industrial, residential, municipal and commercial waste. The products save companies money, increase productivity, efficiency, eliminate the need for chemicals, and do not require third party consultants or workers to apply the products.

Betco’s AquaClean™   products are used for cleaning effluents and fluids from organic decomposing residues that lead to pathogens and bad odors.

Clients include municipalities that use it for landscaping irrigation systems that use grey water effluents and for sewage which is treated and converted into fertilizers etc., hotels (especially those with golf courses and equine activities), labor camps (for use in septic tanks), waste water treatment plants, and several other sectors.

Betco’s SR agricultural additive basically is a microbe based additive that conveys several nutrient retention benefits to plants. This product has been adopted by large and small farming groups alike globally. The product increases crop yield 10% to greater than 70% depending upon the soil configuration.

Betco’s BioSol®  products cover a broad range and largely target the Oil & Gas industry.